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Naxis Taxi Loyalty Kartice


You own a company or a hotel? You wish to always have an available vehicle at your disposal? You’re concerned with the expenses?

Speed, reliability and certainty are amongst most important factors in modern day business. What you need is a taxi company that can always guarantee its clients available vehicles that can reach a designated location in a shortest possible time. What your company needs is a cooperation with Naxis.

Sign a contract with us and join the long row of renowned companies that have been using our services for years.

What do you get? To begin with, a numbered LOYALTY card which is your ticket into our world. You could take one or more, as many as you wish, and the system works sorely simply: when ordering a ride, the owner of the card just has to emphasize that he needs a vehicle with the card reader through which LOYALTY card can be pulled. Driver will then issue a client one out of two copies of the bill.


Also, you have full control and possibility of tracking all expenses. You will always know not only the general amount of your bill but also expenses for every single LOYALTY card you own, and the specification within invoice you’ll receive at the end of the month will include the official number of the driver, date, time and price of every provided service.

Apart from that, we made it possible for you to limit the amount on a LOYALTY card or cards, in the case you don’t want to enable your employees unlimited consumption.

Above all, we also offer a reception of your clients at the Nikola Tesla International Airport: our driver will apear with your company logo and will bring your guest at the given address, and all you need to do is to send us an email to business@naxis.dev with the flight information.



If you have a hotel and you want your guests to come back and spread the good word about the quality of your accommodations, we offer you this specialy designed service that will fit perfectly to your modern approach to hospitality.

You receive one or more LOYALTY cards, and your customers get cozy, fast and safe ride to the destination, as well as a fair price and assurance that they will not be cheated. Have we mentioned free Wi-Fi? With us, it is implied. But, just with us.

How does it work? It’s very simple: all you need to do is to give your guest a LOYALTY card that will be used by him to pay Naxis services in the vehicles with the card readers.

Even when the card is in the possession of your guest you will have full control of the expenses, through web application we developed. At the checkout, you will give your guest a receipt for the card he used, and after that your receptionist can annul the card and give it to another guest.

You can also download a proposal on cooperation here.

If you want more information about the service and advantages of the LOYALTY cards please call us during workdays from 09 AM to 05 PM on and 066.8732.333, or write us an email to biznis@naxis.dev.

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